How to create a solid from a surface

I’m obviously a newbie when it comes to create solids for 3d printing. So far I was working exclusively with CNC milling, where you have a solid and take away from it. In the screenshot you see a form that I want to 3d print, so I need to give it wall thickness, but I can’t figure out how to do that.

I went through the entire Solid menu but nothing seems to really work. The closest I got to was Offset. A 1 or 2 mm offset creates a solid, but it has weird overlaps or corners.

Before I rip out all my hair, could somebody please be so kind and let me know how I can create from the surface that I currently have, one that has a 2mm wall thickness?


3d print flower - new start.3dm (250.8 KB)

go well, go Shell :wink:
that would imply that you close your object first.

this is supposed to be an open object. This is what the form looks like in wood done with a CNC machine.


you might want to boolean that out. just create your ground object first, this bowl, jar whatever you call it, then sink a closed ship object into it and use boolean difference.

by the way i found that you have 2 surfaces too much holding you off of making this ship solid.

delete those and join everything together it should become solid.

oh and to use shell, use Cap on one joined pair of surfaces

call the command shell and select this cap which then creates a straight offset.

thank you!