How to control mesh colours within Rhino?

We’ve baked some colours to our mesh faces from Grasshopper - We cannot find a way to access these colours within the rhino interface. attached are couple mesh faces for you to look at if possible. Many thanks. colour.3dm (155.2 KB)c

hi Arthur,

in your Display Mode settings, try unchecking the 'Shade vertex colors" box. Does that help?


Hi Jarek, thank you very much unfortunately it doesn’t affect the colours.

Yeah, I think you’ll need a script to actually get at the colors to see what the values are or change them - is that what you mean? -

rs.MeshVertexColors (Id, Colors) is probably simplest, in Python, or Rhino.MeshVertexColors(Id, colors) in RhinoScript.


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Oh I see, I thought you are after seeing the colors, not accessing/modifying them. Sorry. In that case yeah, Pascal is right - currently with script only…

Hi Pascal - Yes that’s what we need to do - Thanks a lot. Amazed that we can’t override the vertex colours within Rhino!

How were you able to access the Mesh colors? I see the scripts, but how did you run them?

Hi Pascal, how would you run these scripts so I can change the mesh colors?

Hello - the scripts do not exist - I was just pointing out the functions probably needed within the script.

@djp88 here is an example script that will set individual vertex colors - use RunPythonScript to try it. It should give you at least a start. (2.0 KB)


thank much appreciated @pascal