How to combine data of 3 different panels into one panel?

Panel 1 , panel 2 and panel 3 contains some specific data respectively. I want to combine this data into one single panel such that data of panel 1 stays in first line of output panel , data of panel 2 stays in second line of output panel and so on. I have tried merge option but I see a different output.

Any hep and recommendations are recommended.
Thanks in advance.

Something like this? (12.8 KB)

For future reference, you’re more likely go get help if you post a grasshopper file with internalized geometry.


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Thanks for the response Kevin.

We have 4 panels:
Panel 1 : 1234567890
panel 2 : 9876543210
panel 3: 13579
panel 4 : 2468

I want an output like this.
Output panel :

I truly appreciate the help. (5.9 KB)

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Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the response.

I want an output as attached in the image.
I truly appreciate your help.


Why don’t you post your Grasshopper file?

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Do you mean something like this?
Panel → merge → text join