How to change selected panel color in grasshopper

Hi there,
Does anybody know how to change selected panel color in grasshopper? since I managed to change all the color instead of the panel when selected…Many thanks!

Just right click on the panel, you will get a drop down menu. Pick the COLOR tab from the menu there you can change the color.

This is the normal way to change panel color but as you mentioned I guess you know this.

Coming to your question: To change the selected panel color. Grasshopper doesn’t provide a seperate option for panel it gives overall option to change color for the selected Components/ Capsule that includes Panel too. Palette in Grasshopper Settings. Change the color in fill option.

You can find it here:



Thanks for your reply… but I have done that too. Still, not work for the panel… I guess maybe some VB Script may work. And I check the grasshopper SDK, can’t find that entry. Not familiar with that.


Let me check once again.

Check this plugin by @Michael_Pryor

It’s a quite cool plugin, I have linked all the possible entry, but still ain’t work lol… :sweat_smile:

Is what GH SDK provides to change default color of panels, not selected. (3.8 KB)

@DavidRutten can help you in this.

Actually, Metahopper has a component that will let you change attributes (including color) of selected panels. It is called “Set Panel Properties”

@Michael_Pryor I even thought to post about Metahopper. But I think @cc940908 is more concerned about the color which he is getting while selecting the panel. As he shown in the reference screenshot above. Like default we get green color output.

Component/ Capsule color is changeable while selecting but not the Panel color. It is still in green.

Yeap, True. So I think that is embedded and not open to editing?

It is for sure hard coded, but that doesn’t mean a crafty coder can’t override it :wink:

Let’s we find a Crafty Coder then :roll_eyes:

See this: (6.9 KB)


You’re the crafty coder I guess :crown::wink::heart: @TomTom

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I think it works for a while…but when I open a new document… We need to start over again :grinning:

You can make a plugin out of it and override on loading a file. But the effort does not reflect its usefulness.

@TomTom is that colorback will change the canvas background color for me it is not changing.

For the ForegroundSel you need to move the panel sometimes after you pressed apply, I don’t know whats the reason for this. It probaly need to retrigger the Rendering somehow. Its just gives a rough idea! The canvas background and the wire colors are not changed within this script. It means the panel background.

The nice thing is you can set transparancy now: