How to attach properties/layers/render..etc tab to the side?

Hi not too experienced with rhino, sorry for the simple question couldn’t find any videos on how to fix this.

Hi @galedrummond - You have two possibilities:
1- You can dock the panel to the side of existing docked panels or on to the margin of the interface if no other panels are docked. To do this, grab the panel by the top title bar and glide it to the side of the interface where you’d like to dock it.
2- You can add the panel as another tab alongside the already docked panels. To do this grab it by the tab itself and slide it until it falls into place as another tab.

Here’s a small clip:

Hi @Vanessa I dont get a purple or yellow icon appearing when I try to drag them over like in your video, are the any certain buttons I need to press. The purple bar/icon does appear when I drag it next to the tool bar on the left but not on the right side.

Hi - you need to make sure that the mouse touches the edge of the Rhino window when dragging the panel.


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Ah okay, thankyou! Got it