How should I go about trimming several triangles out of this trangulated surface?

I created a complex surface by lofting several curves together. I then triangulated this curve with the intention on fabricating it by eventually unrolling it with Ivy. I triangulated it with a tutorial I watched on Designalyze, but if there is a simpler way (I’m pretty sure there is), then please feel free to share the solution. I included a screen shot of the components I used to triangulate my curved surface.

Anyways, based on an attractor curve, I’m offsetting the triangulated surface edges a given amount, and I wish to trim these triangles out of each triangulated surface. This is what I’m having a hard time figuring out. I’ve tried doing a surface split selecting my surface component and the offset edges, but I have not had any luck yet. I also tried to do a surface brep split, but also to no avail.

Nobody can really help you without the file. Have a look here to see how to best prep a file for public upload.

If your data is organised correctly, then you should be able to create a datatree which has individual lists containing only the triangular outline and the triangular cutting curves per panel. These lists can then be turned into panels using the Boundary Surface component.

But you didn’t post your solution as a code file?

My apologies. My file is now (55.2 KB)

Cutting is computationally expensive, so it is best to avoid it if possible. In your case you can create a loft between each pair of triangles or better yet, use Boundary Surfaces if they are coplanar. But since you want to make it thicker/print it/to use ivy, it’s easier to make it with meshes, so here you go, I hope it works for you. (79.5 KB)

Also, besides Ivy, Lunchbox plugin has some pretty handy features for you… (22.2 KB)