How grasshopper makes such a wave of wave shape

How does grasshopper make such a wave of waves, just like this picture?oyler-wu-collaborative-hi-res-lo-rise_2

It’s remarkable how prescient point 7b turned out to be.


Perhaps we need a sticky topic next to the famous “How to ask Effective Questions” entitled “How to Answer Ineffective Questions”

  1. Level of vagueness in the question should be reflected in the answer.
  2. If there is no .gh definition attached in the question, there should be no .gh definition returned in the answer.
  3. Only agree to do someone’s thesis for them if they will swear to crediting you on their qualification certificate, should they pass.
  4. Forgetting to internalise geometry is a sin that can only be forgiven twice.
  5. If “How can I divide this line into equally spaced points” comes with a 30Mb Rhino file attachment, the answer should include a .IGS file of an Austin Allegro.
  6. This topic is open for debate.

Er … such a good Samaritan (Tip: consider Plan B as well).

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