How do you scale a component without exploding it?

like this but something equivalent that can be controlled on grasshopper
tamper kinda doe

s it but it doesn’t?

using deconstruct brep, resizing one face for example, then reconstructing the previous brep, it’s like a pain if the geometry is complex

As much as i know, you can’t do this in grasshopper without deconstructing brep. You can try something in transform > affine/morph

while maybe making the remaining vertexes from the other face from the brep that was deconstructed to be attracted to the vertexes of the face/edge or whatever that was detached?

pretty much like a points attractor, I saw some using domains to make them, but I’m not that great in math, so I’m failing to understand how do they manage to use domains to do such thing

dunno if I’m explaining myself