How do we Add up Coordinates to Find total length

How do we add up these coordinates to find the total length? Coordinates to add (66.0 KB)

well… consider that your question isn’t very clear to me :slight_smile: what are you trying to measure? could you be more specific?

maybe casting your list as points → polyline them → measure polyline length

just note that those points are overlapping (2+ repeated values) → polyline just collapses overlapping points, so those are taken care of

Thank you so much @inno, Let me try this again … here are the coordinates of a series arrayed circles, I would like find the total length of these circles. Much appreciated Series of (19.3 KB)

I figured it out … Thank you for you help @inno

Series of Circles (7.5 KB)

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just wanted to point out two things :slight_smile:

the first, Contour component is bugged at the moment, will be fixed in next release
it outputs doubled curves, so you end up with two overlapping curves at each level instead of one
(see point list with overlapping digits)

second point: assuming Contour component was outputting the right curves, you can measure their length just there, without redrawing the circles :+1: