How do I unroll this surface? Paper Mock Up

I need to make a paper mockup of this object, can someone explain if this would be possible?
Im very new to rhino so sorry if this sounds like a dumb question!

unrollsrf command, typically on a box unfold you would unjoinedges to unjoin the edges you require.

on this shape you would have to add some seams to be able to get it in one unfold.

How do i do that?

split maybe, splitface or splitedge perhaps.

Hello - you will need to decide how to split up the spherical surface into planes to approximate the sphere, in order to make it from paper.


Anything is possible.

But no one makes a paper mockup of a spherical object when you can buy a styrofoam sphere at the hardware / DIY store and chop off what’s not needed with a utility knife.

Folding the object shown out of paper is a waste of time.


Hi @emay
Only single curvature surfaces can be unrolled (in this case the flat sides). Double curvature surfaces (in this case the sphere) can’t be made from sheet surfaces - such as a piece of paper. If you want to make the sphere, you need to slice it up - similar to what you would see on a globe (the world map kind). Attached is an example of how it could be done. Note that I’ve build the object as a solid and used the UnjoinEdge command to specify which edges I want to “open” when using UnrollSrf. But, as @martinsiegrist already mentioned, this isn’t really an abvious candidate for a paper mock-up.trimmed sphere.3dm (1021.7 KB)
HTH, Jakob

Totally get it, but its an exercise i wanted to see if possible to do. I work in accessories and this would be for an object.

Would be for a leather bag

Well, soccer balls are made of leather…
You’ll have to digg into platonic solids.

This file contains an unrolled polysurface of a chamfered dodecahedron.

I started with a mesh from Polyhedron plugin, exploded the mesh into individual faces and created a surface of each face then joined those. The unrolle polysurface is not exploded.

20_09_18_chamfered_dodecahedron_from_polyhedron_plugin.3dm (467.2 KB)

I played around with the chamfered dodecahedron a few years ago.
This post on my insta shows how a ball is folded from a flat piece.