How do I apply a color (or texture/material) to a non-flat surface?

I am looking for a simple tutorial that explains how to apply a color to a surface from the transparency it has normally. Nothing fancy. When googling, I am having a hard time finding any information on this that isn’t very complicated, I have tried several evenings.

Hi Eliash - I guess this is a start -

is that what you need? Maybe post an example file or image showing what you want to achieve.


Thank you!! You are super helpful :slight_smile:
I managed to create a new material and drag it onto the surface and saw the change in rendering mode. Is it also possible to change the material within a closed boundary that is projected onto the surface? In the image the below the circle is an example.

Hi Eliash - in that case you will need a much more complex texture map, or a decal with an alpha channel to mask the circle, or split out a separate object and apply a different material to it.


Thank you again, this saved so much time.
The Split is perfect for this project. Good friday!