How could I make a maze cube on Grasshopper?

Hi, I’m a beginner on Rhino 3D Grasshopper. I’m trying to make a maze along a hollow cube. I’m not sure where to start other than making a cube. Please help me out. The follwing link is a example of what I’m looking for. Maze Cube Example

Mesh Maze
Check here this was of @laurent_delrieu
And he is expert in it he will help you more.

how you do that lauren, do you have the code?

Why don’t you download the attached file in that post and have a go with it for you?

i doesnt work

Hi Pep, I think you don’t make great effort. It still work on my PC with the uploaded script. If you need complementary library you jyst have to upload them on

Search a bit on internet. We can’t replace you behind your keyboard !!!

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what? bro, i spend 4 hours to did it, you are very good, but there is people that are noobs, like me… so be comprensive please

Hello, you will find many help on this forum. But try to understand that we are not near you. So you have to explain what you have done, where are the problems ( like missing plugins in the other discussion you have) … All is well explained here

@shubhip36 I put an example of Maze Cube here

If you want a script, please come with a script and a clearer description of what you want.

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@laurent_delrieu Thanks for those images! I finally figured out how to make it, using your script at a base. I’m now having trouble finding the shortest walk- an answer to the (13.9 KB)

Above are some rendered images of what I have right now. I’m also at the stage of fabricating this maze cube. I’m trying to use “unroll brep/mesh” to break components up so I can build it. Not working. Any suggestions on what other command may work to unroll the cube. A diagram to show what I mean: Unrolled%20Cube (21.7 KB)