How can the transformation of the 'Module' piece oriented like the 'Desired Outcome'

Hello everyone,

I have made a ‘Module’ piece, and I wanted it to move and transform to the orientation I have shown in the ‘Desired Outcome’ brep.

Thanks in advance for your help.


2021.06.29 - Oreinted (76.8 KB)

Why make it difficult? It’s just three Mirror operations.

Oreinted (65.0 KB)

P.S. You could replace Merge with SUnion (three times) and get a single “Closed Brep”, but that’s not your “Desired Outcome”?

Oreinted (65.1 KB)

Hello Joseph_Oster,

Thank you very much for your time and effort.

But the ‘Transform Points’ are important for my operation. As I am planning to place the points in the different places and control their orientation according to their position.

I will continue my search for this and share it here once I get it.


by using one start-point and one end-point you can generate a translation vector that will just move your Geometry in the space

in your file, you are generating 8x vectors used to move the original Module:

if you also want to rotate your module, then you will need to supply/reference info about how those rotations have to happen

the Orient component might be your best friend here :slight_smile:

Please describe more the situation here.

3 points are enough to fully define a new coordinate system (origin + orientation).
Or a point + 2 vectors, same thing.

Why you have 8 points?
Your situation is that so you always have 8 points, unsorted?
Can, the 8 points, exist at non-regular distances? (aka non-cube)

And how were those points created? In other words, how did those eight boxes get stacked as they are, and in arbitrary sequence (as noted by @maje90)? The premise of this exercise is seriously flawed.

Hello Joseph_Oster and Riccardo Majewski,

Apologies for not being clear enough. I will try to explain a bit more below.

I have taken the 8 ‘Transform Points’ as a reference of a box per se. The box can be of different scales. But regardless of the scale, I want the ‘Modules’ to be placed on the 8 edges of the box.

Now, for example, if I were to replace the edges with a solid cube instead of the ‘Modules’, the orientation would not matter. But as the ‘Modules’ I want at the edges has a character of being oriented I want them in the ‘Desired Outcome’, otherwise, it would not make sense.

I am attaching another screenshot for better understanding.

Hope it helps. Thank you for your time.


Orienting a geometry is very simple…this is one of the situations where understanding a post is 99% of the effort…
I’m not sure I’ve understood your situation :sweat_smile: :rofl:

On the first post you oriented by the center of the geometry, now you want to orient from one corner…?
Can your box by oriented differently than WorldXY or…?
Everything is vague :see_no_evil:


Joking is fun and good for health :laughing:

But apart from that, I would to point you out that I have used the points as a transformation reference to ‘move’ the ‘Module’, not as an orientation reference.

It’s okay that the problem seems vague at the moment.
That’s why they are problems after all.

I give it a go with this:

2021.06.29 - Oreinted (17.5 KB)
(internalized now)

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Works like a charm, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

The issue was poorly presented, no joke.

Oreinted (21.5 KB)

Riccardo (@maje90), your solution is a bit mysterious to me but I believe it would be slightly improved if you used only three points instead of eight to define the BBox.

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Thank you for time and kind criticism, I will try to improve next time.

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I interpreted this problem to be solved by using only transformations, so i pre-made all the 8 transformations in the same order of a box vertices, and then only at last applied the transformations…

OOPS! I discovered an error due to not specifying the Mirror plane correctly. For some reason (?), your “Module” brep is slightly below the World XY plane so required a proper reference point.

Oriented (19.9 KB)

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