How can I transfer 3D stl file to 3D geometry?

Hello, I have a question about Rhino 5.

I implement 3D scan something and I want to analyze this by FEM simulation program.

For doing FEM simulation, this must have 3D geometry like face or volume.

Because of this factor, I want to know how to change stl file to 3D geometry.

Do you tell me what is the method?

Hi Kimji- It’s hard to say without knowing a bit more - stl files are 3d geometry, they are meshes, and FE analysis is on meshes, albeit very likely not on the result of a scan - perhaps a more orderly mesh is needed, or to make sure it is closed, or the analysis software wants to make its own meshes from a solid?


Hello, pascal! Thank you for watching my question. I write more information about my question.

I use a COMSOL Multiphysics for FEM analysis.

I call stl file in Rhino and reduce a mesh number. And I export this shape by stl file.

And then, I import this stl file in COMSOL but there is error for importing the stl file.

The COMSOL says that ‘internal error in geometry decomposition’ or ‘Face cannot be parametrized’

I think that these errors are occuerd from not having faces and volume.

I want to know what you are thinking and how can I fix it.

Thank you for reading my question! have a nice day!

Hi Kimji, can you post the file, or send it to, Att’n: Pascal


I send it to you

thank you for watching my problem.

Hello Kimji,

I would suggesting checking the model using the Mesh Repair Tool. 3D scan data can often contain errors but can be easily cleaned using the Mesh Repair Tool. It is best to make the repair on the original stl data before you reduce the mesh.



…pretty sure .stl is a format for 3D entities, soooo :tipping_hand_man:

wow, i wish this thread evolved a bit more lol.