How can i get same catenary curve with different numbers of segments?

Hi , i am using kangaroo2 to represent catenary curve.

I read the Kangaroo Manaul @DanielPiker wrote years ago , and i want to try if i can get the same curve under equal total loads with different numbers of segmentation.

However, if I distribute the total load according to the numbers of segmentation, I can’t get the same curve right away.

It’s interesting to me how I can get similar results with different kinds of segmentation.

Maybe there is some mechanism to explain the situation?

Thanks a lot!! (28.7 KB)

To get similar behaviour for different discretizations of the same curve, you need to include a division by segment length in the ‘strength’ input.
This value is the k in Hooke’s law a.k.a. the spring constant, and can be found as EA/L, where E is the Young’s modulus, A is cross section area, and L is segment length.
In your test we can consider E and A to be the same for all cases, so just need to adjust by dividing by L.
Once we do this the different discretizations match up
catenary (1).gh (28.8 KB)


Thank you for the explanation !!!

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