How bad are the keyboard issues on the 2017 model MacBook Pros?

I am still using the 2010 model MBP and I really need to update. I will be ready to purchase a new MBP the first week in June but I’m fairly concerned about the keyboard issues. I work as a teacher and Im working on my masters online so a reliable computer is something I need. I have no interest in buying a PC. My current MBP is still serviceable but its definitely time to upgrade, as its showing its age, especially during school when I have multiple apps running. I know WWDC is 6/4-6/8 and this is the week I planned to upgrade. Will apple release the new model that week? If not, Im afraid I can’t wait too long, as I need an upgrade now. If they dont release the 2018 model in June and I need to go with a 2017 model, are there any ways to rectify the keyboard problems outside of taking my keys off? Does a keyboard cover work? I was really excited but these issues are off-putting.

Hello @Alexsebastian215997,

I have a 2016 MBP, which should have even worse problems with the keyboard, but I haven’t run into any so far. It’s been about two years old now and I use it daily. If you keep the keys tidy, you probably won’t run into issues, since most problems are caused by dust or dirt particles slipping under the keys and messing with the tiny key mechanism. As far as I’ve heard, the 2017 or 2018 model should have been updated with a more suitable system for the keyboard.

I don’t think that these are the right forums, to ask Mac related questions. You should check out the! The community there could be much more helpful!

Some of my keys started behaving badly pretty early on. I’ve learned to cope with them, but it isn’t fun. The enter, space, left-ctrl, b (which is p on QWERTY layout), p(q on QWERTY) s (a on QWERTY) and l (s on QWERTY) are the most troublesome. I need to hit them in the right angle or press a bit harder.

A bit annoying when typing on Rhino code. I haven’t bothered yet though with trying to clean them out or anything.

For anyone perhaps unaware, get it replaced free of charge. The “small number” statement in the service announcement below is BS. Had a defective run or design flaw, IMO.