Hops: Using Planes as input and debugging

Hi, I’m trying to use Hops in a script I wrote a while ago.
I need a plane as input. I tried using the Get Geometry block (as there is get line, get number etc but no get plane component) but apparently it does not support planes as input, it gives an error message saying that it needs at least one input. Why is this? Is there another way to do this?

I solved this by using the normal of the plane as input (using Get Line) and then generating the plane from this inside the Hops file. However, i still get an error (“Unable to solve on compute”), although it may be unrelated to this.
I cant figure out where this error is, how would you recommend debugging this? I pasted the code inside the hops file into the original file, connected everything and it works fine. But using hops i get the error i mentioned above (“Unable to solve on compute”). How can i know where the error is?

Thanks in advance!

We haven’t created any components for getting planes yet that would be sent to Hops. I would need to get a sample from you to help figure out what the error message is that you are seeing

Steve -
Here’s one that says Unable to solve on compute. FWIW - It works fine with GrasshopperPlayer.
Test-Hops-Plane.gh (4.8 KB)

Thanks for your reply.
Is there any reason for this? are you planning to implement it soon? i think this is quite an essential data type.

does it also not work for planes as outputs?

It wasn’t intentionally left out. We added a handful of the new Get components and never got a request for planes before. Now we do have a request.

Great, thank you!

hi, any updates on this?
perhaps not a separate ‘Get’ component, but it would be nice for them to at least be supported in the general ‘Get Geometry’ block

thanks in advance!

I just published Hops 0.6.2 to support planes to the package manager. We don’t have “Get Plane” component in Grasshopper yet, but you can use the older group named with RH_IN: syntax to define the input place. Here’s an example definition that takes an input plane and outputs a plane back to Hops.
plane_hops.gh (8.2 KB)


amazing, thank you!!

Is there a way to make it access tree data?
I have a grafted curve param that has a matching planes tree.

Andy posted a video recently that includes details on passing trees to remote definitions

You need to update to Rhino 7.19.22130.15001 or Rhino 8.0.22131.04306 or higher. The Contextual Get components were updated in those service releases.

What about planes? Any way to pass plane data trees?