Hops Question

I have a hops file I want to run in my main gh file, and I want to run it with different sets of variables.

I tried inputting two trees with multiple branches, hoping that the sets in respect to index would produce the desired geometry, but that is not the case. I have uploaded an demo example and the hops for your consideration.

HopsQuestionHops.gh (11.4 KB)
HopsQuestionDemo.gh (7.8 KB)

I could just have multiple hops components and run each set through each hops, but I’d like to see if it was possible to run it through a single hops, so I can have a variable number of sets to run through it.

Although I’d find it interesting to see what could be done in the hops file to get the desired outcome, I’d rather get a solution that would only involve altering the main gh file.