Hops and Elefront

Hi @stevebaer and @krahimzadeh,

I’ve just come across this thread when trying to problem solve why elefront components don’t work in hops.

I understand that Rhino.Compute has no RhinoDoc, so any component that needs to access will fail.

I’ve made a simple example here creating a hops node from an elefront component name which can easily be reproduced.

It would be nice if the hops component could provide a warning when instantiate here

or at last a less generic one here when inputs are provided
I presume this error is propagated from the Elefront component, so maybe the error need to be handled by the plugin?

@krahimzadeh I noticed that the Elefront Define Text Object component has additional ZUI inputs to override for example text size without requiring a Dimension Style input. Is it possible to achieve this without referencing the Rhinodoc?
elefront text ZUI


I’m not sure what other type of error message I could provide from Hops. It’s difficult to differentiate that the error occurring is due to trying to use a non existent doc or something else.