Honeybee Split Floor 2 Thermal Zones

HI Guys,

I’m trying to do energy modelling of a typical room considering an office building.
I want to divide this single room into several zones and core zone in order to explore the best thermal comfort zones inside the room.
Is there a way to divide the room similar as the Honeybee Split Floor 2 Thermal Zones component divides the floor of a building? I tried to use this component, however it automatically set all the walls as external ones.
I also tried to built the room from the surfaces and to set EPBC to Adiabatic, but after applying the HB Split Floor 2 Thermal Zones it does the same - all walls are external ones.
I found this HB Perimeter Core Zoning component, but I do not know how to use it. If anyone can send an example I would be very grateful.

Hi! You should probably post your LB|HB questions here: