Hole between two FiletEdge



I am trying to smooth the corner of my star.

(This is what it currently looks like)

(the back)

Goal: to combine 5 of these to make a star.

(I did join the two surfaces)

It looks great, exactly what I wanted.

But then I noticed there is a whole between the two Fillets, where their corners used to meet.

Things I tried:

  • Joining all four surfaces combined.
  • Idea: trying to extend the new “Filet Curve” and then trim it afterwards. But I couldn’t get it extended.
  • Trying FilletCorner (but I can’t get it to work)
  • Googling fillet edge with star; fillet edge with sharp corner.

Does someone know how to fillet the corners (only horizontal edge) without getting a little whole between the two fillets?
(Or a link to a tutorial is also welcome)

Thank you in advance.

Hi Poerak - try: Mirror, Join and array your half-branch and make the star, all joined up. MergeAllFaces then FilletEdge all the edges at once. If you need just the one set of edges filleted, not the vertical ones, then indeed, in V5, it is a bit of a pain - you’ll need to ExtractSrf the fillets, then UntrimBorder and retrim them to one another.
(V6/WIP handles this case correctly)


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Hi Pascal I think I got that working.

If someone struggles with the same problem:

  1. UntrimBorder
  2. Then Makes them cross eachother. (Like in picture)
    (2.5 Explode)
  3. Select one Fillet, and trim the other one that crosses it.
  4. Select the other Fillet, and trim the other part that crosses it.

You can also select both Filets at once and then trim both ends.


It isn’t perfect. But hopefully the 3D printer will accept it now!

Credits for fix this problem go to @pascal , thank you again.

Hi Poerak - you can select two intersecting untrimmed fillets at once and trim them to each other. Just to speed things up a little. BTW, what is not perfect - the process? (agreed…) or the result? The result should be pretty much…perfect.


yeah, I uploaded it to Shapeways.com to check it. It looks very good.
This is what worried me a little.

There is visually still a little noise , but it doesn’t affect the end result.

Hi Poerak - if the surfaces are joined an there is no naked edge there (ShowEdges > Naked), there should be no criss-cross in the render mesh either - can you confirm?


I think so. (it is a single line.)

Is there someway to upload .3dm models? (*found it)
(I can also upload it to my own drive, but most forums prefer if you don’t upload unverified files)Star_5_final.3dm (824.2 KB)

Hi Poerak - no… not so good - if you Join all the surfaces and ShowEdges >Naked edges you’ll see here are open edges elsewhere - these miters join up nicely. Note to get a good STL/3d print, you will want a clean closed solid, no naked edges. unless the target service has some way to clean up…


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Ok, I did this:

Explode everything:

  1. Delete the ends with ‘trim’



Then delete selection.

Join everything together again.
Then I realized this after ShowEdges:

I think I am going to redesign the inner part, it shouldn’t take to much time with all the new trick I learned.
Will show you tomorrow the finish work (if you are interested), but for now I should catch some sleep.

Good night/morning/afternoon/evening depending on your timezone.

  • William

New one is great. (also improved some things)

Star_retry_2.3dm (688.2 KB)

Looks good - you can simplify further with MergeAllFaces on the joined object.


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