High Usage Time of Rhino

I made a setup:

Front-End -> Heroku App Server -> AWS Instance with Rhino Compute

After a month I received a bill which shows that the fee is for every hour of rhino compute usage even when it is idle state. What can I do to reduce Usage Time?


The best thing to do is to figure out how to shut down compute.geometry when you’re not using it.

There’s not a way internally to detect that Rhino is idle, so it’s the job of the caller to start and stop the Rhino process when it isn’t needed. You’ll notice that Rhino doesn’t start very quickly (up to a minute), so you’ll have to balance the fees associated with availability of your application and latency of the first call.

We’re discussing ways of making it easier for you to start and stop Rhino, but we don’t see a way toward having there won’t be an elegant solution where Rhino can stay responsive and you won’t be billed.