High poly building

A client asked me to create high poly building based on photos which will have 1.5-3M triangles in OBJ. It must be a very detailed building. Will Rhino be able to export this amount of data successfully? Will it cause conflicts or inaccuracy during import into blender or other software? Does somebody have this kind of experience with millions of triangles and files which have to be exported into other software?

Hello- Rhino can make whatever detail you like - once converted to a mesh it may make a very large obj file, especially as this is a text format but I don’t know of any inherent limitations. In other applications, I can’t comment, you may just have to test.


Do you have an idea if it can be imported in Unreal Engine viewer? Did you hear about this experience from somebody?

OBJ files can be imported in Unreal Engine. It can do high polycounts assuming your hardware can cope with that.

I don’t know if Rhino can handle it depends on your computer specs. But you might be able to cut up the model for export. Most people build in modules and export those and rebuild in Unreal.

I’m doing huge polygon counts in Unreal 4.72 as my computer isn’t up to 5.3 needs. I export in parts since I’m hitting the wall in rhino and anyways my needs are in parts but I couldn’t export even one of my buildings as one model out of Rhino.

Unreal can handle it I’m doing 81 million polygons and that doesn’t include FX or animation or gameplay.

Also Gediminas Kirdeikis has great tuts on getting GH and unreal working with some nice scripting. I was able to generate huge models that I can’t even come close to doing in Rhino using his detailed methods.

FULL COURSE - UE5 for Parametric Architecture #1 | Grasshopper to Unreal Engine bridge using Excel (youtube.com)

Here’s a quick stat screen grab from unreal those white lights are really monitors with videos that play during the game.