Hide editor - open document

Is it possible to not show the editor during openDocument, however briefly. This is my code so far - thanks.

Call GrasshopperExampleScript()
Sub GrasshopperExampleScript()
Dim GH
Set GH = Rhino.GetPlugInObject(“Grasshopper”)
Call GH.OpenDocument(“filepath.gh”)
Call GH.HideEditor()
Set GH = Nothing
End Sub

Try this:

Call GH.LoadEditor()
Call GH.HideEditor()
Call GH.OpenDocument("...")

Hi @DavidRutten, thanks for your help, unfortunately the editor still shows up - testing with rhino 7 beta. regards

Yeah I feared it might. There’s ways to hide the banner, but it may not be possible to never show the editor. I’ll need to try myself once I get into the office.

ok, thanks - that would be great.