Heron Set Spacial Reference system

Hi @Brian_Washburn

I am trying to understand the qworking of the “set spacial reference system” component.
Standard it uses the EPSG:4326. So far I understand the working. When used I get the folowing information:

When I set this component to an other reference system I would expect transformation would change but when I look at the output nothing changes except the black text below:

Calculations are still done for EPSG:4326 coordinate system. It would be nice if the transform output would give the transformation from x,y to the new reference system.

Hi @Erik_Beeren ,
I can see how this is confusing. Let’s see how I can improve it.

Before the introduction of SetSRS, the idea with the DDtoXY and XYtoDD components had been to get WGS84 Latitude and Longitude coordinates given any point in Rhino’s XYZ system and Rhino’s Earth Anchor Point, which is in WGS84. With the introduction of SetSRS, the though has remained that DDtoXY and XYtoDD will get you to/from WGS84 lat/lon coordinates, but take into account Rhino’s XYZ could be related to a projected coordinate system, so that if you are modeling in EPSG:28992, XYtoDD will take this into account. This mean’s Rhino’s 0,0,0 does not need to be equivalent to the 0,0 of the EPSG coordinate system and can be offset if you have the Earth Anchor Point set.

Are you expecting the transform provided by the components only to be related to the current SRS? So that if you have set Rhino’s EAP to the origin of the current coordinate system, you would have no transform for a point at 0,0 and the Lat/Lon coming out of XYtoDD would just be 0,0?

Hopefully my question is clear…

Hi @Brian_Washburn,

I hope I unsderstand your question well. I think it is verry practical that the earth enchor in rhino can be set by just entering an adres:

So the earth anchor point should be different from the XY point. This really works well! But when I discovered “Set Special Reference System” I hoped it would directly calculate the XY to new special reference system. The reason why I expected this to hapen was because of the UI of the DD to XY and the XY to DD component which are giving the sugestion it now makes calculations based on the new reference system:


I liked this idea becuase if you are working with data bases in other reference systems now you have to recalculate it via the WGS84 to get the XY and vice versa.

I hope this answer is more clear.

Hi @Erik_Beeren ,
This is a bit more clear, however when you say “working with data bases in other reference systems”, is this data primarily coming from the Geocode component? or other shapefiles? I’d like to get a better picture of your entire intended workflow.