Help with mesh boolean operations

Hey everyone,

I am trying to perform some boolean operations with a few meshes but for some reason i dont understand theyre not working.

I have three meshes: the overall cube, a tubular structure and some rotated cubes (named ‘Pores’)


I would like to combine them in the following way: Join the tubes and the pores and substract them from the cube, as shown below.

But for some reason i cant get this to work properly. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

pores (2.4 MB)

Is this what you want? It seems kind of strange that you’d have these complex tunnels hidden in the cube…Ant condos?
In my experience, for mesh booleans to work, the edge lengths all have to be somewhat similar, and the cube and pores had much longer edges than the tubes, so I tried to put them nearly in the same scale. For my own curiosity, I split the result down the middle and opened the cube up to see what was happening inside.

pores (2.4 MB)

thats amazing thank you! yeah, thats exactly what i wanted

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