Help with making a mold for a concrete pour


I am a student new to Rhino that is working on making a mold mold for a small concrete pour. I am struggling with trying to make a mold. When I try to Boolean Diff and error occurs saying "Intersection curve ends at a naked edge."Untitled.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hi Daniel - look closely at how your surfaces come together - probably the whole thing could be greatly simplified - What did you use to create this?

Use ShowEdges > Naked edges to see all the nakeds.

@danielbgreenway - here’s a clean version - it looks to me like you did not use OSnapping (Object snaps) to the Ends of previously placed edges, so many of the intersecting edge were quite far out of tolerance - OSnapping will help ensure that you get things more precise - Things do need to be precise in Rhino in order to close your objects and not have bad objects etc. See Help on Precision modeling.

Untitled_Closed.3dm (148.8 KB)


Mainly the surface from 3 or 4 corner points tool. Thanks for the help

Hi @danielbgreenway,

I’m assuming that once you have a closed object you intend to boolean difference it from a solid box to make your mold. One more thing to do is to make the top surface of your object slightly higher than the top of the mold - booleans don’t play well with coincident surfaces.


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