Help with how to insert z value of a point alongside the point for flor plans?

Hello everyone. I’ve changed from autocad to rhino to draw floor plans and elevations of buildings using 3d pointclouds, I have the Arena4d plug in for rhino 5 and its working great.

I have no scripting knowledge and before I try to learn I wanted to ask if what I want is possible!

I can use the osnap setting to actually place various point on the pointcloud using Arena4d, from this I was wondering if I could then insert a piece of text with the z levels to go beside the various points? Once the script has been run I could then flatten all these to end up with a 2d floor plan drawing as below

Hopefully that makes sense??? Any advice or alternate approaches would be most welcome!


Hi @BrettD,

This is pretty easy to do using Rhino’s scripting capabilities. Do you have a sample model that you can provide that demonstrates what you are looking for?

– Dale

Been waiting for a response, gave up. So wrote a short script to hopefully help out. The script can give either X, Y, Z, XY, XZ, YZ or XYZ co-ordinates of the selected point and display it in a TextDot. The result is relative to the active CPlane.
Problem I have is getting to work with a Detail viewport, any ideas?

DotCord.rvb (1.6 KB)


3d point example.3dm (27.1 KB)


I have just returned from holiday so apologies for lack of response.

I have attached a drawing showing the points in 3d with the end result i need to get to. I think David is 90% there, but when I tested the script it seems that when i export out of rhino its not sending the textdots out.

Any ideas?



Hi @BrettD,

A text ‘dot’ object is pretty unique to Rhino and probably doesn’t export well to anything.

Try this: drag and drop the attached script on top of a running Rhino. Then, run LabelElevation.

LabelElevation.rvb (2.0 KB)

– Dale