Help with fillet on planar geometry

I am new to grasshopper and can not find why, how to make a fillet between planar curve and line segments. (14.2 KB)
y advice would be appreciated.

/default/original/3X/e/f/"> (14.2 KB)

It seems your Arc-like curve and other line segments are not on the same plane… Check if your joined curve is planar.

I guessed this might be the case, it does report they are not planar.
I don’t understand how this could have occurred when all the geometry is referenced from a planar surface drawn in Rhino.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
I did try pulling the geometry to the surface as I thought that should make the geometry planar, but this was not the case.
Any help in why it’s not planar in the first instance, or how to convert it to planar would be greatly appreciated.

You didn’t internalised your base surface.

Kim, thank you so much for taking the time to help.

So I should internalise the initial data at the surface component?

See No. 3

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Thank you for the guidance.
We had wanted to try and solve this ourselves, starting from the very beginning isn’t easy, but I am sure we will make progress and it’s very much appreciated knowing there are forum members willing to help.

Don’t have Pufferfish plugin installed.
But just a quick guess,
I normally use nurb curve through points instead of using fillet.
It’s very reliable especially when it comes to even 3D curves,
which do not allow direct use of fillet.

Hi Zac, I have pufferfish installed, albeit I’m at a. Sry early stage and learing the tools.
It’s important that the fillet is a true arc as this is required by the CNC machine which will use the file.
I am still struggling, lack of knowledge on my part) with knowing where to internalise the data. I have tried this on the first component, the initial surface and at the end on the joined curve with no success.
If I bake the curve, it does fillet within Rhino, so am struggling to see where I am going wrong.

Firstly, yes of course it is true arc using nurb curve,
all you need to do is to create a sphere of which the centre sits exactly on curve joint,
where you want to have the fillet created.

Then find the intersection point, and then shatter the curve,
the only nurb curve you need to create is through the first curve intersection point with the sphere,
the sphere centre, and then the second intersection point.

Since you know the 3 control points that are perfectly forming a right triangle with equal side edges,
the nurbcurve out of it is of course a true arc.

All geometry is taken from or referenced from a rhino planar surface, and geometry has been pulled to the surface to make sure it’s planar, however, I am unable to join the lines and create a planar poly line which is what I believe I need to create the fillets.
The joined line remains a collection of line-line and one poly line segments.
I know what I am asking is probably very basic, but I have read up, watched videos and can’t find the answer or fathom where I am going wrong.