Help with edge filleting!

Hi! I’m pretty new to modeling and I think that I still commit a lot of mistakes.
Anyway, I was modeling this pulley based on a physical one and I wanted to make the edges smooth.
It worked on one side but on the other one it keeps giving me errors and there’s no way of making it work, I think it’s because I messed the geometry in some way. polea carolina.3dm (5.6 MB)
I would like to fillet all the sharp edges on the model once I managed to do the exterior sides.

Thank you very much in advance!

(First image is the filleted edge and the second the one I cannot manage to fillet)



i think one reason could be that you have lots of open areas at the other side.
Please see screen shot.

Also you should not have the filets over lapping each other. i think you need to reduce the radii of your filets, where they getting close to each other.

In the geometry it self are very much curves going on, which creating wrong surfaces while filleting.


Hi Armand - I thinik mosttly you need to be more careful - about curve drawing:

and placement - I cannot tell if the part is meant to be symmetrical in Front or not. Also, some planning on how the surface shouls be arranged - I do not think this is what you have in mind for the interior part, most likely:

I’d look at the level 2 training material,
Especially the parts about curve and surface topology and continuity.


polea carolina.3dm (6.1 MB)
did this extruding curves ,splitting and blending. —Mark