Help with booling 3 objects of Nurbs and SubD together and Export

Hey dear community,

In my studies I designed a shoe sole that should be manufactured additively. Therefore I have to create a single closed object.

The two shoe contains 3 parts (two closed polysurfaces and one closed subD), which I have to bool as a Nurbs Object or a Mesh to create a printable closed stl and step. Due to my lacking PC power I wasn´t able to find a solution to bool them together and export them as a stl and step.

If there is anybody who has experience in handling booling complex lattice structures I would love to hear your tips or even just take your help. (I am only working with the lowest macbook air)
I would like to share you the files but they are around 100mb.

Thank you for your help!

Hi Jürgen -

You’ll have to convert the SubD object into a polysurface or mesh by using ToNURBS or by extracting the render mesh.

Should that read “stl OR step”?
For printing, most often the slicer software will be able to figure out slices from intersecting meshes. That is, a single closed object is most often not required.