Help to simulation in kangaroo Dome

hi i need help to simulation this dome like this picture(the result of kangaroo isn,t dome Curve like picture)
and is possible modeling by kangaroo?

dome help (41.7 KB)

Perhaps this might be helpful (at least the tent pole portion): Where do I drop anchor?

Rod onCurve (26.2 KB)
Guess this is right direction.

Most probably you don’t need kangaroo for modeling something close to the reference photo.
The dome in the reference photo can be done in the following manner.
You need a polygonal base. The polygon needs to have an odd number of sides like 5,7,9 you get the point. The reason it needs to be odd is simple, namely that the axis of symmetry needs to pass through a vertex and the edge midpoint to create the pattern as in the photo.
Once you have drawn the polygon in plan, take any vertex of the polygon and find the opposite edge. You will be using the endpoints of the opposite edge.
Simply draw a catenary between the vertex and one of the midpoints. Once done mirror it along the symmetry axis (The line between the vertex and the midpoint of the opposite edge)
Once you’ve done that, select the two catenary curves and do an array polar , around the center of the polygon, having the same number of edges.
Once you’ve done that simply pipe the catenary curves.

Hint: you don’t need to use catenary curves specifically.

i test Point on Curve but doesn’t best simulate like picture yet

dome help Poin one (51.0 KB)
in fact model better simulate by Geometry Polar Array and not kangaroo Slover!

I think your base curves are not right.
In my observation, they are banding rods, not lifted line segments.
The force comes from rod bending, not lifting force of the nodes(points).
You bend a bunch of flexible sticks, tie them at the ends, they bow down like this.

And Rod takes polylines, not lines. The angle component takes lines.

In my previous answer, this part is not right. The feet should be part of the polylines.

This repo contains comprehensive K2 tutorial files, organized and updated. You can search by component name to see which component does what.
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to prove a point
9sided polygon

13sided polygon