Help! Grasshopper Field Line

屏幕截图 2022-03-07 150843
I am not understanding why error. (21.0 KB)

hi everybody,please help me,i have some issues of Field and no idea.

I don’t see a serious problem with your definition. It seems that some field lines were note evaluated likely for a point that is close to the edge or to the field force. By adjusting your accuracy and reducing your steps things seems to be working.

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field is surely not easy to calculate du to the size. Scale by 1/1000 it works better (18.9 KB)

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thank you.朋友

thank you.

is it false that make Field with 50m*9mrectangle,whih in mm From?

Yes you can it is just you need to adjust the settings related to strength, decay and accuracy, since grasshopper doesn’t understand units, you need to manage the definitions to make sure it works consistently.
for example a 50m = 50000mm everything needs to be scaled by 1000

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thanks,your response is very helpful.