Help! GH for historical Architecture

Hello to everyone! I’m a student and a Grasshopper really basic user. I’m studying an old hill sited in the middle of mountains in Sicily built in masonry of stones and inside the structure is full of old archways and vaulting. I would like to know how could I recreate this archways and vaulting with Grasshopper because I should also represent all the pieces of stones and bricks and the collapse of some of them and I don’t have idea of how could I do that. I attach here some file to help better understand, thank you in advice! Chiara EX LANDRO

IMHO, GH is not the best software for building inspections or historic preservation or restoration.
For these sort of work, perhaps you’ll need partial or full 3d laser scanning.
As a result of terrestrial scanning, you’ll get large 3d point cloud data and you can extract various drawings
from this.
Of course, GH can handle 3d point cloud data, but I don’t think it’s an optimized tool for what you want.
Perhaps it will be useful as a tool for subsequent design and analysis after field measurements and surveying…

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Especially using Volvox (shameful collegial plug):

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Thank you very much for the information!

Thank you very much!