How to create a voronoi structure with a point cloud?

Hello, I’m a student and need your help to create something like this:
enter link description here
I have a point cloud from a 3D-Scan. With CAD Catia I could create a solid, but i couldn’t find a good way to create these honeycomb or voronoi structure. Then i found out that someone has create a voronoi structure with Rhino:
enter link description here
Has someone an idea how to create this structure on a solid? Or has someone another idea to solve my problem?
Thanks a lot!

Best regards, JanG

Hi JanG,

I’m changing this to grasshopper category as I think your best chances to get good pointersare there.
Even better; check out the grasshopper community at

So my answer would be check out what grasshopper and it’s various plugins can do for you.
Here’s a possible start to watch:

Good luck!