Help Converting linked blocks to embed blocks and and collapse

Hi all!

I have a problem with a python script.
I need to convert all the blocks in the file to embedded blocks, collapse them ( remove any nested block)

this is the code I am using at the moment: testing (1.7 KB)

It works most of the times, except when the linked blocks have clipping planes inside, in that case I get this error: " Add currently does not support clipping planes."

the issue is in the in flatten def, line 53

I guess I have to remove the clipping planes from the list of objects (gids), but so far I have had no luck…

another info: the script will be launched from command line and I cannot interact with the file, there must be no input from the user

thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help me

@pascal maybe? :smiley:



I Just noticed now That I was logged with my accademic account :slight_smile:

I finally found a solution, tweaking the code from this thread code: