HELP: contour a geometry

I would like to contour this geometry, however I am unable to make the contour follow the curvature of the geometry (not being the X or Y axis).
I think this is a simple problem to solve, but I can’t find the solution. (26.1 KB)

Thank you!


Done! (26.1 KB)

What direction are you trying to contour in? Can you upload a sketch of what you are trying to achieve?

My idea is to achieve something like this: frames/sections follwing the curvature

Hi @Taynan_Saquet

You could use “intersect brep plane” for this.

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That image is almost useless. Is this what you want?

No one could possibly help you without posting your code, please remember that.

I can’t find the solution either because there was no code posted in the marked “Solution”. And this problem was poorly defined.

Thank you so much!
It worked out! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!
It really helped :slight_smile:

Hello Joseph, thank you for trying to help me. This is my 1st time using the forum and I do apologize for not using it correctly.
I already marked the comment with the code available as the solution if you are interested to see the solution.

That looks NOTHING like your description of the “simple problem”.