Help applying voronoi to subd object (multipipe error)

Hi! I have been trying to do a voronoi structure. the multipipe command gives an error which is “solution exception : object reference not set to an instance of an object.”
I believe my curves are closed, what may be the problem and can you help me with that, ı am relatively new to use grasshopper.
subdvoronoi-1-1 (1).gh (1.2 MB)

This is a screenshot from somewhere at the bottom of your horn shape.

The seleccted lines are longer than 0.3 units.

Some of the points however are too close together which causes the Multipipe command to fail.

You need to merge points, for example with the Topologizer plugin by @danielpiker.

Keep in mind that this is a quick solution. Some points might not be on the original surface or on an edge anymore.

There are still some spikes where lines are too close together. This can be optimized. (1.2 MB)

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When ı continue, the shape nearly disapears. İs this beacuse ı did not optimized it . how can ı improve that situation.

subdvoronoi with (1.2 MB)

Sorry I don’t have time to look at this in depth. It seems you eliminated way too many curves.

Duplicate topic:

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oh, okey ı wil look at that issue, thank you for your time.

Thanks for the reply.
Before, The voronoi structure contained the subd model edges. It was not random. (I don’t want yellow lines, I prefer it to be random)

To make it random: First, ı extract the interior edges, then ı remove edges that are close to interior edges.

However with doing this, most of the pipes are gone. (the after look occoured)
Then ı try to eliminate less curve. ı drag the number down in the part that says “remove closest curve”.I kinda reach the looked ı want,but still some of the pipe edges stays open.
I would be appreciated ıf someone could help.
subdvoronoi with (1.2 MB)