Hatch patterns in materials on Rhino.Inside exported families

I have troubles with creating Revit family using Rhino.Inside. The goal is to create a cross metal grid (like in a simple fence). No 3D, either curves (model lines) or very slim box with tranparent material and surface pattern on it.

Unfortunately both ideas don’t work.

  1. Revit doesn’t show curves (actually no surprise…).
  2. The slim box has a proper material, shows cut pattern properly, doesn’t want to show surface pattern at all. No filters or overrides on the category or subcategory.

Do you have any idea?
Thanks in advance.

The pattern in the second image is a grid made with curves, which didn’t want to export to Revit.

Igor, Can you additional support materials? Please include the Revit Version # you are working in.

Ideally the Family, a slimmed down version of the project & internalized GH file.