Hatch Patterns / Halftones or similar

Hi All,

Are there any plans to add more hatch patterns to Rhino, or is there somewhere I can download more, food4Rhino doesn’t have many to choose from. (I’m using Rhino 6)

I’m looking for something that resembles halftones, but uniform solid colour circles arranged at 45° may be good enough!

I’ve tried exporting the areas I wanted halftone into Photoshop, converting to halftone, and dropping the image back in rhino, but it doesn’t look great…

For some background info, I am creating 2D designs on Rhino to use for transfers onto ceramics. The standard hatch patterns just look like solid grey when printed, despite scaling the pattern up. I know there’s plenty of options for long ways to do this, but I’m hoping for a quick fix!

I’ve found a tutorial on how to make your own hatch pattern, but thought I’d check here before committing to that :slight_smile:


Hi Jed -

You can import any AutoCAD-style *.pat file that you find on the internet.