Hanging Tensile Net Structure with Boundary and Anchor Points

Hi there, I am trying to model a hanging net structure from the underside of a viaduct. It is quite an organic form, which stretches down to the floor along the boundary, with island/voids where the fabric should stretch down to the floor. I have been trying multiple scripts to achieve this, but with no success.

I want to hang it from points in a regular grid which aligns with the structure of the viaduct. I have made these points, as well as points around the boundary of the shape. Is there an easy way to try and model this as a sketch because I only have the weekend and have already spent two days trying to work it out on grasshopper!


search youtube for tutorials. use kangaroo in grasshopper
here’s such a tutorial

you can also check this tutorial. the interesting part starts at around minute 11:40

Hint: you probably want to simplify your geometry