Gumball pull down menu missing

Where is the relocate gumball pull down menu, also when deploying the Gumball toolbar the relocate gumball tool doesn’t appear to work either. am I missing something?

Hi @PeterL,

If you hold the right mouse button over any gumball item while it highlights, the context menu should appear.

Yeah, the toolbar uses RelocateGumball which is an unknown command, it has been renamed i guess and should read _GumballRelocate.

@pascal, could you handle that along with the “Zoom extents all viewports” command missing on RMB in the middle mouse button (Popup) toolbar ?


Hi Clement - the rmb menu seems correct here - it may be that Mikko fixed while I was having a weekend. Please check the next ‘wip’

I’ll fix the toolbar button, thanks.


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