Group those curves based on angle

Hello guys!
I am looking for a way to arrange the segments(curves) in the same direction into a polyline curve.
I have tried to group them based on angle with unit x, but it doesn’t work.
Would you please give me some ideas?

Thank you!

Q1 (21.2 KB)

Hi @elyaacc ,

I’m not at my computer right now but it may be worth looking at this script I put together for a similar exercise.

I’d have to see how it plays with the interior lines you have though.

Anyways, perhaps a starting point for you.

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Please clarify the joining rule.

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Here’s my false start haha

I quit here lol, too tired + not sure I’m grasping nor doing what’s requested :rofl:

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@_RC That’s quite interesting! Almost close. :grin:

Maybe my description was not clear. Try my best this time.
There are 260 segments (Line-like curve) from the original model. I wanna have several polyline curves, take the following picture as example (showing segment number from original model), from the bottom left of the model, I want to join segment 130~139 as a polyline, make 120~129 as a polyline, etc.

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Q1 Ely Edited (25.9 KB)

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Great, thank you!!!
That’s what I want. Would you mind showing the program inside Curve Discontinuities?

That one is from Peacock, not mine.

I see, really help.
Thank you so much!

@Quan_Li Is there a difference between this component and the native discontinuity one? Not a rhetorical question just wondering.

This one respects the angles. The original one respects parameter t.

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