I need something like that:

There are a lot of items in groups…

And selecting on by one is so hard to to and there become mistakes hight percentage.

So Can we select the group totaly and can make something like that with python or etc:

İf value < 100 than go to group 1 and if value>100 go to group 2 ??

I think I don’t get your question

Yes. you dont get =)

This was just a sample drawing… my drawing is so comclicated… thre are at least 60 components for each group…

but there is only one valu for which group will be work…

if the volue = 1 the group at up will wok
ifelse the vaue = 2 the group at down will work…

Can I do that streamfilter or something else for TOTALY group?

Sorry but I still don’t get it… I don’t understand totaly groups.

Here you can add as much output as you want.
Just make sure you have the right condition to orient the data to the right output.
Condition should give values between 0 and your number of groups. You zoom on Stream gate component, hit the “plus” button until there is enough output and connect what needs to be connected :slight_smile:

Sorry but I cannot help more than this with your description of your needs…

I know stream gate… But I dont want it… cause if do with it: I must do the same thing 120 times… and there can be mistakes etc…

simply I will tell this time I hope=)

stream gate = for each object.
I need to the a stream gate for 2 group

For obejcts or geometries there is input and outputs.
But ( WHen I choose my compoents and make them group)

There is no input and out put values for group…

so that…

I need to gate for group not for object.

if value = 1, group 1 work ( goup 2 disabled)
if value = 2, group 2 will work( group 1 disabled)

I hope it is clear this time

You can do this with metahopper:

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