Grid structure with certain line lenght

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is there a way to change the u/v data on the grid strukture in that way that no line will be longer as we say 15 Meters, when I use multiple surfaces? The grid line lenght should change automatically. So when I use a number slider with 10 instead of 15 for example the grid lines should always be smaller than 10 meter but as close as possible to 10 meters from the lenght.

Grid.3dm (1.9 MB) (6.9 KB)

Does anybody know an answer to this?

Your image shows almost of your grid line lengths are less than 2 meters. so, you mean 1.5 meters? not 15 meters, right?

Yes but I want the grid value just below the line lenght of 15 meters. So the longest line should be something with 13. or 14.99 meters. It’s not just 15 I also want to be able to change the grid lenght via number slider just below for example 20 Meters, so the longest line should be maximum 19.999, but as close as possible to 20.
Sorry that I am struggling to find the right words for the problem.

It’s a matter of unit. Again, you mean 15 meter? not 1.5 meter? Your box’s longest edge length is almost 15 meter. You want just one cell grid?

If the box is longer than 15 like in your picture 17 The u-division of the grid structure should be at least 2. As 10 is smaller than 15 The v division should be 1. So we would just have a grid on the u division like this

I hope that makes sence, I am tying my best!

Could I for example use the boundary curves to evaluate which side( UV coordinates) is longer than 15 and than tell the grid structure which UV side it should divide and which not?
The only question that would be remaining than is how do I seperate the rectangle curves of the U side and the V side. (10.5 KB)

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That’s it! Many many thanks!!!