Grid Bubble in Different End Location

Hi Guys,

These are gridlines generated from GH to Revit but for some reason, the grid bubbles appeared in random end grid location, is there a way to place them in one end alignment?


When placing the grids originally the Curve direction will determine the Grid Bubble location (start of curve)

You can use the Dir command in Rhino to see the Curve direction, or get endpoints and flip curves per a guide in Grasshopper.

Once placed you will need to use the Revit UI to modify bubble locations or flip your curves and change Element tracking to Replace (then switch back to Update after)

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Thanks Japhy, l will going to try your advice, kind regards.

Hi @sketzjewel,

As in Revit UI the bubble should be placed at the end of the curve, but unfortunately there is a bug and is placed at the start of it.

This will be fixed in v1.9.

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Thank you guys, anyway, I been using 1.9 version but not the official version yet, still having this bug.


We release each Tuesday, will be there next week on 1.9.

If you want to test it now you can use the daily build that is 1.10 an already contains this.

Thanks Kike, I will try this and hopefully the end bubble location is fix, cheers.