GrasshopperPlayer not working with ObjectType.Surface in c#

I noticed a wrong behaviour with GrasshopperPlayer when using 2 GetObject with a shared ObjectType:

I need to input 1 surface, then 1 surface or curve. I also need to get the selection point on the first surface. For this reason, i went for a c# script. It works well when the solver is launched manually, but…


… when launched with the GrasshopperPlayer command it stops at the first GetObject.Get(), ONLY if one ObjectType is shared between the first and the second GetObject().


Could someone fix this or explain me where i am wrong?
Attached is a simplified file of the problem (try it via the canvas and via the Player, you will see the difference)
Thank you :slight_smile:
GrasshopperPlayer input (12.4 KB)