Grasshopper truss beam

Hello friends

Me and my friend need help with building a construction that we are going to develop for our exam work. The construction is a truss used for signs in the highway. I hope you can help us, I attach pictures from RFEM design to the design to give you a picture of what it looks like.

@mohammed.kadar - what exactly do you want help with?

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We have came this far wtih our construction but we have a problem with the corners attaching with each other like the Picture i uploaded

here is the file we have been working on. (14.5 KB)

We appreciate all suggestions, :slight_smile:

Your GH file needs some curves:

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Thank you for your reply, we still have issues with combining the inner Points to correct lines like the one I sended to you Before (Picture), do you know how to solve this issue ?

thank you

@mohammed.kadar, I’m really unsure of what it is you want help with specifically. The GH file you attached needs some curves to process which are missing, so I can’t really comment on how the script works without that.

the thing is that we need to make it like a Square on the top, as you can see in the picture i send you down below, it’s bending instead of keeping the corner at the top. we don’t need to separate the top with the standing truss as the black Picture, we just need to keep te top corner and not make it bend

Please read what @matthew.harwood already told you. He can’t see what’s going on in your script because you haven’t internalized your Rhino curves in the gh file:

Excuse me for the misunderstanding, as I understand it so you need to see the curve and this happens in the rhino file, I send the rhino file below

thanks so much for your help

Vägskyltsportal.v2.3dm (30.7 KB)

Vä (12.6 KB)

Here comes the internalized file, sorry for the trouble :slight_smile:Vä (29.9 KB)

Mohammed - a quick edit to the start of your script gives a correct looking result, but isn’t perfect. I’ll have another look at it later today when I get time. It isn’t quite as simple as it first looks as you need one rule for the members and another for the joints.

Truss Gate (18.4 KB)


thank you for the help, it’s really appreciated, we had a difficult time solving this aswell, we appreciate it a lot, hopefully one of us can solve it :slight_smile:

Hi Matthew, I came to know that we had the same problem when we were working with a 2d truss and we solve that problem with the function shortest list", we tried this on our script but couldn’t really get it correct, do you have any tip or solution to this ?, sorry if you feel a bit attacked but we our doing our last exam and need this to be done by next week, appreciate all the help

Friendly regards, Mohammed