Grasshopper reliant project

i use python and now grasshopper (mac) fairly often on projects for various reasons but here’s one that i’d nearly deem impossible (for time reasons) without grasshopper… i think i would have been modeling this and the various iterations for a few weeks in straight rhino instead of one day in grasshopper.

the .gh which is giving the cnc cut files, control over the image (location, scale, shape, etc), size controls (overall, material thickness, heights, spacing, etc) and hole layout for acrylic rod… as well as various cut lists for the shop work.

the 1 day old concrete:

4 individual sections of 3/4 ply skimmed with ArdexFF… oak tenons in the slots with the concrete rods epoxied to them… tenoned 1x3 red oak (to be painted white) as the contrasting material.

dry assembly:
(some slats were left out to provide hidden wall mounting locations on site)

(it’s a wall where shoes will be displayed… threaded rod screws into the t-bolted holes visible in an earlier… not yet screwed in when this was taken)


Nice work Jeff. I enjoy seeing the process of digital designs that are fabricated and brought to life in the physical domain.

thanks… and yeah, i’m a fan of seeing the process as well… some people document the process in a better way (video/mics/etc) but as far as my personal contribution to the genre, phone pics in a forum will have to suffice :wink:

an alternate was this one…
they chose the other.


Nice one! I like how parts are made out of concrete!

I might try this technique on a similar grasshopper definition I made:


I’ve tried to recreate this, but couldn’t figure it out… Is there any chance of having a look at the script? How did you achieve the connections between the perpendicular line sets?

Hard to resist to wonderful work of Siemen, but do you want to kill my eyes :persevere:

Image from

Even more simple definition

black white strips (221.8 KB)


Well, I have to wrap my head around this first… thanks!

here: (27.9 KB)

i’m not sure if it’s going to be much help as far as figuring something out…
it’s mostly moving a bunch of points around then making 3pt rectangles…

also, it was created on Mac V5 so potential compatibility issues?


a few more pics: