Grasshopper Python - Let loop points appear by step

I’m trying to script ‘a “visible” loop of points appearing step by step,’ but I do not know how to do that, do you know how?
Thanks in advance for your response.

I was thinking of making another python component that records something. But, I think that is not how people should do it normally.

20181106 let loop points appear by step (8.3 KB)

P is not my game , but are you trying to do some Recursive proximity search? (a chain reaction so to speak)

I.e. given a collection of rnd (or not) pts, start from somewhere (node 0), get the prox points (either a user controllable amount of them OR points with distances - to node 0 - within a user defined domain), then for each prox point as a new node … do a Recursion until all the points are visited/consumed OR the computer halts because you forgot to ask the right questions with regard the Recursion termination.

If yes then by controlling the max loops (and/or other Recursion termination stuff) you can watch some sort of “evolving” solution (or animate the max loops slider and get some mpeg thingy).

To do this in Python is trickier than C#, I guess.

But in Python, all the variables are kept until the next time the component runs. (Exceptions are variables being output from output slots, they are cleared)
So, connect a Timer to the GHPython component, and do something like

#assuming that a is a list of geometry
if 'i' in globals():
if i>=len(x):
a=x[i]    #output